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Participate In a High-yield Insurance Platform

TIDAL is a decentralized discretionary mutual cover protocol offering the DeFi community the ability to hedge against failure of any DeFi protocol or asset.

Powered by Polkadot and trusted by industry leaders it uses advance risk management to offer high-yield to depositors and low premiums to insurance purchasers.

token features

  • Collect Incentives

    Get incentivised in TIDAL tokens for your usage, activity, and contribution in Decentralized Autonomous Mutual Organization (DAMO).

  • Stake

    Provide liquidity in the tidal cover pool to earn additional incentive. Tidal cover pool is designed to mitigate the reserve shortage event.

  • Vote

    Vote on protocol governance proposals like guidelines and updates, validity and payment of submitted claims, % of fees to Treasury Wallet, LPs, and Guarantors.

How tidal works?

TIDAL allows users to Buy and sell over-leveraged covers across multiple chains

Tidal's enhanced capital efficiency attracts liquidity providers (LPs) who act as insurers while a competitive insurance premium attracts insurance purchasers.

  • Over-leveraged insurance pools

    Guarantor Fund

    Non-native token Staking Pool

  • Tidal Staking Pool


    Investment of reserves

Token Ecosystem

TIDAL Protocol will feature two different types of native digital cryptographically secured utility tokens in its ecosystem.

TIDAL governance tokens as an additional incentive for participating in the TIDAL ecosystem.

Cover tokens with a notional value equal to the staked capital

Tidal Token (TIDAL)

TIDAL is the native protocol token of Tidal Finance.

It is a ERC-20 token that will in the future be migrated to a Polkadot-based smart contract platform.

Key Metrics

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  • Weight change

    96:4 to 30:70

  • Token Supply



TIDAL token is the governance token that will govern all aspects of TIDAL Protocol.

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Token Allocation

Starting at an initial circulating supply of 1.6 billion, TIDAL tokens will be released over a period of two years. 30% of all TIDAL tokens are available to stakers and liquidity providers for participation in the insurance market.

  • Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (5%)

  • Polkastarter Sale (0.13%)

  • Insurance Mining (30%)

  • Ecosystem Fund (30%)

  • Team & Advisors (15%)

  • Private Sales (19.87%)

Token Distribution


  1. 2020 April - May

    Concept formed and core founding team established

  2. 2020 June - July

    Product defined, competitor analysis, white paper v1

  3. 2020 Aug - Oct

    Team expansion: hired tech lead, business development and marketing. Website, initial product design.

  4. 2020 Nov - Dec

    Product design update and prototyping, fund raising, partnerships

  5. 2021 Jan - Feb

    Product prototyping, getting ready for testnet, partnerships

  6. 2021 March

    Testnet launch on ETH + BSC, audit

  7. 2021 April

    Mainnet v1 launch on ethereum, insurance mining

  8. 2021 May - June

    Business development/partnership expansion, on board defi protocols onto tidal platform

  9. 2021 July-August

    Exploration options to migrate to Polkadot

  10. 2021 September-October

    Research into improving the risk management module

  11. 2021 November

    Launch of Tidal v2 on Polkadot with on-chain risk assessment

  12. 2021 Dec-2022 Jan

    Allowing users to create custom pools assisted by on-chain risk mgmt

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